“Pioneering Women War Correspondents”

The documentary, “Pioneering Women War Correspondents,” produced by Milena Jovanovich for the Newswomen’s Club of America based on my book Where the Action Was: Women War Correspondents in World War II & which I narrated was premiered this Fall at a panel discussion by 3 women war correspondents–Edie Lederer, who has been covering wars since 1972, when she became the first woman the Associated Press assigned full-time to cover the Vietnam War; Cami McCormick, a CBS News Correspondent, who served nine tours embedded with the U.S. troops in Iraq between 2003 and 2009; and Gina Chon, who was the Baghdad-based Iraq correspondent for the Wall Street Journal from 2007-2009. Two weeks ago, I attended the Front Page Awards dinner where Edie received the Lifetime Achievement Award & Gretchen Morgenson was awarded the Reporter of the Year Award for her coverage in The New York Times of Goldman Sachs group. You can watch the documentary at www.newswomensclubnewyork.com or at my newly expanded website www.pennycolman.com

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