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I am about to do a Q & A with eight middle school girls at Saint Andrew’s School in Boca Raton, FL via Skype. My long time friend Dot Emer (Dot Chastney in Rosie the Riveter: Women Working on the Home Front in World War II) is the middle school librarian at Saint Andrew’s. This is a first for the girls & the school. But we’re all prepared–the technology is OK, the girls read some of my books, reviewed my web site, including examples of Q & A & I “talked” with two of the girls yesterday in a trail run. Ooops, better sign off & turn on my Skype or I won’t be “show up” on time!

This picture was posted on the Saint Andrew’s web site shortly after our fun Skype conversation. Here is an excerpt from the accompanying article: “On May 19, 6th and 7th grade students gathered in the Schmitt Library in the Middle School to skype online with acclaimed author Penny Colman, who was in Englewood, New Jersey. Each student was able to get behind the Web cam to ask Penny for advice on the writing process and about her professional career as an author. . . . Using Skype as an Internet connectivity in the classroom provides opportunities for interactive exchange and collaboration between students and the outside world. These synchronous, real-time discussions using VOIP software like Skype can tangibly expand the walls of the traditional classroom and engage students to write, share, and communicate with an authentic audience inaccessible just a few years ago.” (Picture/article posted at: & click on “Middle School Skypes with Author Penny Colman”/click on this pic for larger image.)

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  1. Dorothy says:

    HI, Penny,
    Just got home from school! What a red-letter day for Saint Andrew’s! There is a photo of you with two of the girls up on the school website already! Check it out!
    I don’t think you could tell, but there were a number of people there from the upper school. Two upper school librarians, one the head, the head of the English dept., head of Technology, plus ALL the tech folks. Everyone was impressed and you got some chuckles about the Grand Canyon and a big applause at the end. Tomorrow I’ll hand out a copy of this page from your blog and encourage the girls to write to you. They need to do more of this.
    Honestly, listening to you got me so energized and I almost felt as though I could cry because I was feeling homesick and missing you!
    I’m expecting a woman from my college to arrive for a short visit any minute, so MORE LATER! Love from Dot You are a STAR

  2. Jaye Wagner says:

    HI Penny,

    I am Jaye, one of the students you skyped with from Saint Andrews. I wanted to say that I really enjoyed our small chat and can’t wait for your book on Harriet Tubman to come out. She is so brave. I am creating a website for fun and I am going to link to yours. It’s not very good – but it is one the way.

    The website address is / Hope you can comment on my blog. Bye!!!

  3. Michelle Fraboni says:

    Penny –
    What a wonderful example of WHY our teachers need to know what technology is out there and available, and how to use it to enhance the educational experience for their students. This was a great opportunity for the students at Saint Andrew's to have a real conversation with a real, working author about the writing process. It's so important for them to know that writing is a process, even for professionals. It doesn't get more authentic than that. Thanks for sharing this!

    All best –

  4. Dot says:

    Hi, Penny,
    It really was great for the students to be able to talk to an author and see they are "real people"! When I was young I had the feeling the authors were so remote from anything in my life. Couldn't begin to imagine having an opportunity to actually talk to one. There were times I would have liked to ask some questions. Now most authors have websites where kids can send emails. How Great! Thanks for sharing.

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