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Emily Dickinson & Helen Hunt Jackson: Another Famous Friendship

Helen of Troy will die, but Helen of Colorado, never“:  Helen of Troy, of Greek mythology fame as the most beautiful woman in the world, is probably a familiar name to you, but who, you’re most likely wondering is  “Helen … Continue reading

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Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt was born today–Oct. 11th–in 1884. I’ve photographed many landmarks to ER, including this plaque at The Robert Treat Hotel in Newark, NJ, marking 1/18/36  the night she stayed there with FDR. Her words at the top read:   … Continue reading

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Sojourner Truth

Today–October 4th–in 2002 a statue was erected honoring Sojourner Truth in Florence, Massachusetts, a village near Northampton. It is one of my favorite statues.

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Hard Hatted Woman

Cool trailer for “Hard Hatted Woman,” a documentary in progress about women in the trades.  In the mid-90s I regularly gave talks for women who were training for hard hat jobs in New York City at Nontraditional Employment for Women. … Continue reading

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Maria Mitchell Discovers Comet, October 1, 1847

A strong-faced woman with her hair arranged in sausage curls, Maria Mitchell was a groundbreaking astronomer.  Today on October 1 in 1847 on the roof of her home in Nantucket, Massachusetts,  twenty-nine-year old Maria discovered a comet.  Here is a … Continue reading

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Meet Penny Colman

Tonight I was organizing files on my computer (long overdue task!!) and discovered Meet Penny Colman, a 2011 6-minute video filmed and edited by Vicki Cobb, president of iNK  (Interesting Nonfiction for Kids) Think Tank, a web site with resources galore … Continue reading

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Delicious juicy peaches at our local Farmers’ Market this year!!  Wait, I told Linda as she was about to cover this peach and pecan pie that we made for dinner with a friend tonight, I’ve got to take a picture.  … Continue reading

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What Have I Been Up To?

Quick update via a question and answer format to fill in the gap between my 2/15  and 9/3 posts, although I did post on August 26th, Women’s Equality Day: Have you been speaking? Penny:  Yes–13 illustrated programs between then and … Continue reading

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Lucky and happy me! I had two birthday celebrations this year with all three of my sons and their families, including 10-year-old Sophie & 6-month-old Balan and Quinn! First the weekend with my brother Kip (his b-day is two days … Continue reading

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Women’s Equality Day

August 26th!! It’s Women’s Equality Day established by Congress to celebrate the day in 1920 when the the Nineteenth Amendment was certified. The long, hard struggle against enormous resistance was over; women had won the right to vote!! The photo … Continue reading

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