Books, Wildflower Seeds, Happy Holidays

So, the gifts are wrapped–books galore, including one I’m really excited about–The Story of Snow: The Science of Winter’s Wonder; in fact, I bought two copies–one for Sophie & one for Sue, my friend & science educator at NYU. I also tracked down a copy of the December 1934 (yup, 1934) “The National Geographic Magazine” that featured the article, “Half-Mile Down,” by William Beebe, about his first descent in the Bathysphere, which he co-invented with Otis Barton. Recently Sophie & I had read a picture book biography about William Beebe that listed his article in the bibliography–yes, we check out all the front and back matter when we read together! Sophie expressed interest in it so I set off on a quest to buy it–hurrah for the Internet. I’ll be interested to see if it engages her?!?!
My other cool gift, at least I think so, was to parcel out pieces from a puzzle (I’m a avid jigsaw puzzle maker) that are embedded with wildflower seeds!! Each person on my list is getting a baggie with puzzle pieces & a baggie of soil & instructions to soak the seeds overnight in water and plant in the soil in a pot (no, I didn’t include a pot, hum) or wait until Spring then soak and plant outside.
Ooops, Linda just called down, “Should I be watching the pot that’s on the stove?” Better get back to my cooking for tonight & tomorrow. . . . Happy Holidays to all!!!!!!

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  1. Marie says:

    Happy Holidays to you too. I think I'll check out that book – I just got a bunch of B&N gift cards, my favorite presents.

    Thanks for being an inspiration to me AND my students.


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