Colman’s New Album

Today is the release date of my singer/songwriter son’s album, “Swallowed by the Sun COLMAN.” Powerful and evocative, “Swallowed by the Sun COLMAN,” will grab your heart and mind! Listen for yourself at:

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2 Responses to Colman’s New Album

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Penny,

    Greetings from Tunisia.

    I signed up for the album a while back and I'm looking forward to ordering it via Amazon.

    Best wishes in the new year!


  2. Penny Colman says:


    What a lovely surprise to find your comment this morning! The last time, as I remember, you similarly surprised & delighted me was when you called in during my interview on a radio talk show. I trust you are well and thriving. Best wishes in the New Year.

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