Happy Thanksgiving

SJHaleMarkerTKsmall  Thanksgiving has a godmother–Sarah Josepha Hale, an influential 19th century magazine editor who warranted her own chapter in my book, “Thanksgiving: The True Story”. Her 40-year campaign culminated in President Lincoln resuming the practice of declaring a national day of Thanksgiving, which was finally made official by an act of Congress in 1941. In my chapter, “Many Meanings, I quote Hale’s meaning: “All its associations are of the best kind. It reunites families and friends. It awakens kindly and generous sentiments. It promotes peace and good-will among our mixed populations.”  Thanksgiving, I know, like all holidays, can be complicated, e.g., over the years Linda and I have experienced a house full of people to just the two of us(we freely cooked without regard to anyone else’s preferences). The historic marker is in Newport, NH. What are your meanings? I’d love to hear from you–

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