I Voted

Very cool:  I just came in from planting bulbs and found this email from Rebecca Lubetkin: “This one is for all of the women voters!
In the last 36 hours, Susan B. Anthony’s grave in Mt. Hope Cemetery has been visited by people adorning it with “I Voted” stickers.”1382940_10152894850697502_671643673109531219_n

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  1. deb ketchum says:


    i’m the photographer who grabbed this shot. i’m pretty much gobsmacked at how this has flown around the planet a few times. a friend and i went back a few days later to see how many more stickers would show up (only one) and to look to see if there was a bigger monument that we had missed. we found it … the anthony family monument. i shot the 4 corners of the cap stone. it’s as relevent as the original shot of susan b.’s headstone:


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