I Wrote A Book Today

“I wrote a book today,” Sophie announced from her car seat.
“Tell me about it,” I replied.
“The title is My Mommy, she said. “The story is–‘I love you, but who is my Mommy? This is my Mommy.'”
“I like that,” I said. “Did you draw a picture of your Mommy?”
“No, Grammy,” she exclaimed. “It’s about a baby tiger!”
Oooops, I thought–of course, Sophie-the-animal-lover! Curious, I asked how she went about writing the story.
“I took a piece of paper and folded it in the middle. The title is on the outside. The story is on the inside. I wrote one long sentence–‘I love you, but who is my Mommy?’ Then a short sentence–‘This is my Mommy.’ I made the baby tiger say in a bubble, ‘Who is my Mommy?'”
“You mean a speech bubble?” I asked.
“Yes, a speech bubble.”

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