Landmarks to Dr. Mary E. Walker and Harriet Tubman

During my recent booktalk/signing at Seneca Falls, New York, I took a side trip to Oswego to visit the grave of Dr. Mary E. Walker, who was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for her Civil War service.  I also revisited Harriet Tubman’s grave in Auburn, New York.  I’ve been locating and photographing landmarks–statues, memorials, graves, etc.–to women for more than twenty years.  Women & their lives and contributions may have been & still are absent in traditional historical narratives, but there are landmarks galore! More information about these photographs are posted at:

My August booktalks/signings are: August 26th, Johnstown, NY (Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s hometown) and August 27th, Peterboro, NY (site of ECS’s cousin Gerrit Smith estate)

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  1. Dot Emer says:

    HI, Penny,
    I’m finally catching up on your summer postings on your blog. I love reading about your adventures and discoveries. I’m just amazed by the wonderful things you do with Sophie. What a fortunate child she is. Love the photo of her at the wheel of the sailing ship. How exciting!
    School begins tomorrow and I’m working feverishly to keep up with technology.
    Looking forward to hearing about your trip upstate at the end of the month!!

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