If you watched Markers, what did you think? I’ve gotten emails asking me & here’s one of my replies: “Watching it was a roller coaster ride–my favorite part was the archival footage of events & people &, oh, do we need another Bella Abzug & Shirley Chisholm!!!!!!! The segments with the telephone worker, coal worker, battered woman were so powerful . . . . the segment with Phyllis Schlafly (I tangled with her people when I lived in OK) & anti-abortion was way over-simplified & infuriated me . . . . there was a lack of analysis about why there hasn’t been more progress . . . the ending was a bit of a downer, at least that’s what I was left feeling . . . could have used interviews with women & groups that are carrying on the fight, e.g., ongoing efforts to pass the ERA.”

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  1. We are laying the groundwork for a national Rosie the Riveter movement, and would like to talk with you. Are you at Harvard? I am an alumni and can work from a MA office if needed.

    We are different from other groups because we have created methods for people to use to learn from Rosies and make it possible for living Rosies to pass on their own valid legacy. We have documentary film, a park designed by Rosies, speeches by Allied Nations when they came at our invitation to finally thank American Rosies.

    How can we call you a friend of this work? 304 / 776-4743.

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