Favorite Links

Penny Colman's Favorite Links.

Multicultural Women’s History


Woman Suffrage Memorabilia
A site devoted to such artifacts as buttons, post cards, ribbons, sheet music, and ceramics

Suffrage Wagon News Channel
Celebrate women’s freedom to vote.

History of American Women Blog and Civil War Women Blog by Maggie MacLean

Amazing Women in History.com
Kerilynn Engel

New Jersey Women’s History
A comprehensive state-wide treasure trove of text and images, including some of my photographs. Lesson plans and teaching guides are included.

Feminism 101: The Essentials
“A feminist is, and always has been, anyone who favors political, economic and social equality for women and men.”

Veteran Feminists of America
One of the foremost sources of information about the Second Wave women’s movement in the United States. For a brief autobiographical essay by Penny Colman click on http://www.vfa.us/pennycolman.htm

EVE: Equal Visibility Everywhere
One of my passions is taking road trips in search of women’s history. Over the years, I’ve photographed many landmarks to women from street signs to statues to gravestone, and, although I’ve found more landmarks to women than I expected, I’ve also found many, many, many more to men, which, is not to say, that we should remove those, but that we should add more to women. That said, I am delighted to link to Equal Visibility Everywhere, a brand-new (March 2010) not-for-profit dedicated to achieving gender parity in the symbols and icons of the United States.

Pioneer Women in Sculpture
For almost twenty years, I’ve set off on women history road trips to photograph monument, markers and memorials to historic women.  This is fascinating blog with terrific photos and insightful commentary.

National Women’s History Project
The web site of the group that led the successful campaign to have the month of March declared National Women’s History Month. This site has something—resources, information—for everyone. Check it out year around, not just in March.

Maryland Women’s Heritage Center
A comprehensive state-based center and museum that recognizes, respects, and transmits the experiences and contributions of Maryland women and girls of diverse backgrounds and regions.

Missouri Women
Women of the Past, Inspiring Women Today

Turning Point Suffragist Memorial
Information, plus a video about women who endured harsh imprisonment to secure voting rights for American women.

Women’s History Channel
The Women’s History Channel is dedicated to telling the stories about the lives and legacies of remarkable women and remembering how their contributions have affected our lives today.

UN Women
United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women

Global champion for women and girls

Reading and Writing


Women’s Enews
Women’s Enews bills itself as “Coving Women’s issues/Changing women’s lives.”
It does that and more, which is why I check it everyday.

PEN American Center
One of my professional organization with a particularly informative web site, e,g, the audio archive has “A Tribute to Chinua Achebe.”  There is a page of “Prison Writing, a new series of online correspondence between children’s and young adult book writers and illustrators, and petitions in support of free expression, etc.

The Authors Guild
Another of my professional organizations that bills itself as the “published writer’s advocate for effective copyright, fair contracts, and free expression,” which it is.

American Society of Journalists and Authors
My professional organization that provides useful and up-to-date tips, suggestion, support for freelance writers.

Wonders & Marvels
A blog for people who read and write history and historical fiction. It’s edited by Holly Tucker, Associate Professor at Vanderbilt University and author of Blood Work: A Tale of Murder and Medicine and Scientific Revolution, the subheading says it all: “A Community for Curious Minds who love History, its Odd Stories, and Good Reads”

Release Your Writing
An interesting and useful blog by Helen Gallagher, author of Release Your Writing: Book Publishing Your Way and Blog Power & Social Media Handbook.