Celebrate Women’s History

Over the years I’ve traveled from Maine to California, Michigan to Texas and discovered and photographed an astonishing diversity of landmarks - - from plaques to parks, memorials to museums, buildings to benches, signs to statues, graves to gardens - - that celebrate women’s indispensable and inspiring contributions to every aspect of American life. Here are some statues of women that I include in my program: Celebrating Women!

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Amelia Earhart Statue
Amelia Earhart Statue;
North Hollywood, California;
by Ernest Shelton; Record-setting Pioneering Aviator, Author

World’s Greatest Woman Athlete: Mildred “Babe” Didrikson Zaharias
Mildred “Babe” Didrikson Zaharias; San Antonio, Texas; by Larry Ludtke; Record-breaking Athlete in Golf, Basketball, and Track and Field

Elizabeth Blackwell Statue
Elizabeth Blackwell Statue;
Geneva, New York; by Ted Aub; First Woman to Receive a Medical
Degree in the U.S, Educator

Swing Low: Harriet Tubman Memorial
Harriet Tubman Memorial; New York, New York; by Alison Saar; Underground Railroad Conductor, Civil War Spy, Nurse

When Anthony Met Stanton
When Anthony Met Stanton;
Seneca Falls, New York; by Ted Aub; Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony, with Amelia Bloomer


Eleanor Roosevelt Memorial
Eleanor Roosevelt Memorial;
New York, New York; by Penelope Jencks; Human Rights Activist, Author, First Lady

Kate Sessions Statue
Kate Sessions Statue;
San Diego, California; by Ruth Hayward; Scientist, Horticulturalist, Landscape Architect

Helen Keller Statue
Helen Keller Statue;
Washington, DC; by Edward Hlavka; Author, Speaker, Advocate for deaf-blind people

Kisa (Okuna) Iseri
Kisa (Okuna) Iseri; Auburn, Washington, by Reynaldo Rivera; Issei woman, Farmer, Raised Large Family, World War II Internment Camp


Mary McLeod Bethune Memorial
Mary McLeod Bethune Memorial
; Washington, DC; by Robert Berks; Educator, Civil Rights Leader, Adviser to Presidents

Rosie the Riveter Statue
Rosie the Riveter Statue;
Wood-Ridge, New Jersey; by John Giannotti; Representative of Millions of Women Workers in World War II

Sacagawea Statue
Sacagawea Statue;
Cody, Wyoming; by Harry Jackson; Shoshone Indian Guide and Interpreter

Sojourner Truth Memorial
Sojourner Truth Memorial;
Florence, Massachusetts; by Thomas
Jay Warren Abolitionist, Fighter for Women’s Equality


Sarah Winnemucca Statue
Sarah Winnemucca Statue;  Washington, DC; by Benjamin Victor; Member of the Paiute Tribe, Defender of Human Rights, Educator, Author

Anna Howard Shaw Statue
Anna Howard Shaw Statue; Big Rapids, Michigan;  by Lloyd
Radell; Women’s Rights Leader, Physician, Minister


Let’s Have Tea: Susan B. Anthony & Frederick Douglass
Let’s Have Tea: Susan B. Anthony & Frederick Douglass
; Rochester, New York; by Pepsy M. Kettavong; Co-reformers and friends