Rosie the Riveter

August is a busy speaking month with my first event, 8/1, at the Hudson River Museum, Yonkers, NY, where I gave my multimedia presentation based on my book Rosie the Riveter: Women Working on the Home Front in World War II. Next week, 8/15, I’m presenting, “Celebrating Women, with a special nod to Frances Perkins, the ‘Mother of Social Security,'”  at the Social Security agency in Jamaica, Queens; the following week, 8/19, I’m giving a lecture, “Daunting Conditions, Scandalous Entanglements,” at the Susan B. Anthony Birthplace Museum, Adams, MA; finally, I go to the Gerritt Smith Estate National Historic Landmark and National Abolition Hall of Fame and Museum, 8/25, to discuss Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony: A Friendship That Changed the World. On 8/28 Sophie’s Daddy & I go to the airport to pick up Sophie & her mother when they return from their annual summer stay with their family in Switzerland!

An audience member sharing a World War II memory.

Saralinda Lichtblau, Director of School Programs, Hudson River Museum, took this photo of me.An audience member sharing one of her World War II memories.



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  1. Kathy Rodgers says:

    Can you provide any sources that might allow me to read more about Frances Perkin’s
    comments about Rosie the Riveter. Your book has me interested in finding out much
    more. Thank you.

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