Serendipitous Meeting and Churro Sheep

During our recent road trip through Wyoming, we serendipitously discovered Polly Hinds, a dynamic used bookseller & sheep rancher who introduced us to the Churro sheep. This morning I happened to hear an NPR piece on the Churro, “Sacred Sheep Revive Navajo Tradition, for Now.” Here’s my video of Polly & one of her Churros (the background noise is the sound of the Wyoming wind) & a link to the NPR piece and the Navajo Sheep Project (the logo on Polly’s Hat) Note: The NPR story left out a critical piece of the story: it was the Navajo women who hide & tended to the Churro sheep in the canyons for forty years. The NPR story appears to give all the credit for their recovery to the male professor.
Here’s a link to a great story about how Polly & her partner & their adventures:

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2 Responses to Serendipitous Meeting and Churro Sheep

  1. Robin says:

    My mom sent me the link to your blog. Aren’t Polly and Lynda delightful? They were a huge support to me when I was a teenager and they were still in the Denver area. I remember when my mom couldn’t deal with my teenage angst anymore, she’d say, “We need some more books, let’s go visit Polly and Lynda.” We’d come home with lots of books but I’d also come home a little more confident about growing up into my own unique person who does things my own way. I’m so glad they are continuing to enjoy their Wyoming adventure!

    • PennyColman says:

      Thanks so much for your great comment & thanks to your Mom for sending you the link! I love the connection!!

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