Sister Rosetta Tharpe

A couple of years, David and Crystal, gave me the Shout, Sister, Shout!, the biography of Sister Rosetta Tharpe, an extraordinary musician everyone-who-loves-gospel- rhythm- blues- rock-and-roll should know about (and I didn’t).
Yesterday on my way to the airport to pick up Linda, (who had been at a research conference in New Orleans), I heard a terrific piece about Tharpe; on what would have been her 94th birthday, a group of fans raised the money to buy a headstone for her grave. The link is
There are many videos on the internet of her performing; check out her powerful voice, dazzling guitar playing and exuberant style.

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  1. Terry McNamee says:

    Hi Penny,

    This is the only way I could find to reach you. I am trying to confirm something I read about Justin Morgan, your very distant ancestor. Do you know if he had relatives living in Quebec? I read that his parents lived there in the late 1700s, but I cannot find any confirmation. This relates to an article I am doing about Morgan horses and Canadian Horses. Any help will be much appreciated!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Terry, I am pinch-hitting for my sister Penny on this one. I am not on my own computer and, for some reason, cannot access your e-mail. Nor can I copy and paste the relevant link as I’d intended. Anyway, start with this search precisely as follows in Google and I think you’ll find some answers: “Justin Morgan”+Quebec

    Vin Morgan,

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