Sophie/Grammy Day

Before Sophie and I went to the museum, she excitedly showed me the flower on the pumpkin seed we planted last Halloween when 3 generations–Sophie; her mother Katrin; her grandmother Ille, who was visiting from her home in Zurich, Switzerland; and I got together to carve a pumpkin. I had never scraped out the flesh of the pumpkin (we just remove the seeds), which, I learned, was Katrin’s family tradition. So we scraped and scraped and reaped two benefits: the candle light illuminated the entire pumpkin and Ille turned the pumpkin scrapings into delicious soup!!! For sure, that’s a tradition I’ve adopted! I’ll keep you posted re the progress of Sophie’s pumpkin plant.

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  1. Marie at QC says:

    Scoping out pumpkins is loads of fun. Two years ago I had my 3rd grade class do it. They each brought in a pumpkin and I provided the utensils (it’s quite a task using a plastic spoon). I was able to do a math lesson on estimating seeds and then counting them – just in case my principal walked in and wondered what on earth I was doing.

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