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“The Socialist and the Suffragist”

Sociologist and commentator Charlotte Perkins Gilman (7/03/1860-8/17/1935), better known today as the author of the short story The Yellow Wallpaper,  was an ardent suffragist.  Her highly influential 1898 book Women and Economics, examined domestic relationship and advocated women’s economic independence.  Her … Continue reading

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Why is Rockwell’s “Rosie the RIveter” iconic?

Here’s the link to Sam Robert’s article “Mary Keefe, Model for Rockwell’s ‘Rosie the Riveter,’ Dies at 92,” in “The New York Times” (4/24/15). He had emailed me asking if I wanted to “weigh in on why the painting became … Continue reading

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Why I Write Women’s History

I write about why I’ve written a “pile of books” about women in a piece that’s posted at www.vfa.us. Scroll down until you see “Feminist Writer of the Month” and my picture. (You’ll also see me with my brothers in … Continue reading

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