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Last night–we play Scrabble every night–I “wrote” BLOVIATE–for 101 points (we don’t keep score but I couldn’t resist adding up the points because the “b” was on the triple word square!)

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Writing, Words, and Scrabble

The act of writing is putting one word after another. That’s why we should start teaching writing by teaching youngsters–to LOVE words, one by one.

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“You just can’t be afraid.”

What an intense time–I’m writing about the Civil War & I’m following the worldwide financial meltdown & I’m noting the ugly crowd reactions to inflammatory rhetoric by SP, J & CM.

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On Words, “Marching Ships,” Writing, Sophie

Linda just appeared (from her office on the second floor down the stairs to mine in the basement) and asked me if I knew the definition of “secular.” Of course, I did, and so did she, as in not being … Continue reading

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Great Game–Syzygy!

It is the winter solstice and I want to recommend a terrific word game I just discovered–Syzygy (pronounced siz uh jee). Syzygy, I learned, is an astrological term for an alignment of celestial bodies.

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