Thanksgiving: The True Story

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Praise for Thanksgiving: The True Story

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading Thanksgiving; The True Story. As usual, your writing flows so smoothly through all of the facts. It feel as though you and I are sitting side-by-side, and you are telling me a story. Wonderful—and fascinating.”
Patricia Bandre’, Professor, Reading Education, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

“Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! As a teacher, I see this book as being about Thanksgiving, but also about historical thinking. This is a great contribution.”
Myra Zarnowski, Professor, Elementary and Early Childhood Education, Queens College, the City University of New York

“Your book is going to be required reading for my students and has all the makings of being a landmark text! ”
Janice V. Kristo, Professor of Reading and Language Arts, University of Maine

“I loved Thanksgiving: The True Story. I am always nervous when anyone uses the word “true” in relation to history, but this is an excellent example of the kind of truth historical inquiry might inform—tentative based on available evidence, open to new information, inviting new information, going for complexity and ambiguity.”
Linda Levstik, Professor Social Studies, University of Kentucky

“Your work is incredible . . . . The whole time I was reading I was marveling over your research . . . . I plan to give a copy to our 7th grade history teacher. . . . She can devise some really good lessons using the book. I like the way you use original sources with this age group. I was never taught to do that until I got to college! ”
Dot Emer, middle school librarian, Saint Andrew’s School, Boca Raton, Florida

“Congratulations for another great achievement! I enjoyed reading it, and especially liked the way you make the actual doing of history so much a part of the story, describing how you did the research and what that entails. ”
Molly Hoben, co-founder Minnesota Women’s Press and BookWomen

“I love history books that make history into something that can be questioned and explored. . . .A must have middle school nonfiction and a great choice for history classrooms.”

“Drawing on historical research and the results of a written questionnaire, Colman first retraces the growth of Thanksgiving as a national holiday and then surveys the wide range of customs and mouthwatering comestibles associated with the celebration. Both tracks are illuminating.

“Colman blends factual evidence with the results from the surveys in each chapter leaving the reader to determine the truth.”

Images from Thanksgiving: The True Story.

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Penny’s books are rich with compelling visual images. She does her own picture research and takes photographs for many of her books.

Here are four images from Thanksgiving: The True Story (from left to right): I drove to Plymouth, Massachusettsto photograph the statute to Massasoit that stands on Cole’s Hill, (p.76). Then I drove to Newport, New Hampshire, to photograph the historic marker to Sarah Josepha Buell Hale (p. 42). From my archives, I included an engraving from Harper’s Weekly of scenes from the “great Thanksgiving Day football match between Yale and Princeton, 1891,” (p. 99). The fourth image of the 1911 Thanksgiving Day postcard with the symbols of Halloween (black cat and pumpkin) and “joyous”— a word associated with Christmas — represents the early efforts to jump-start the Christmas holiday buying season.

Thanksgiving has 60 images, a chart, and a map.

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