Happy Thanksgiving!!! This year we gathered in New York City at Jonathan’s, Katrin’s, & Sophie’s apartment. Katrin cooked a fabulous meal, e.g., check out the roasted vegetables on the plate in the foreground–beets, parsnips, turnips, fingerling potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes that Sophie selected when Linda & I took her grocery shopping at Fairway. (That’s not to say she ate all of them, but we did!) Desserts were Katrin’s spectacular chocolate mousse and apple crisp and Linda’s delicious pumpkin pie. We played a new game. Here we are trying to figure out the rules, no easy task!

Then Linda & I took Sophie outside to run races up & down the sidewalk, or, I should say, Linda strolled, I raced twice, then appointed myself the timer for Sophie who loves to run! Once when she was getting too far ahead, I yelled, “STOP!” She did, as so did everyone else between her and me! (l to r: Sophie, Linda, me, Jonathan; click on image to enlarge)

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