The Trial of Susan B. Anthony

On my recent trip to Rochester, NY, I timed my drive so that I could visit the Ontario County Court House in Canandaigua, NY, where the trial of Susan B. Anthony for voting unlawfully was held in 1873. David Flynn, a knowledgeable security guard who regaled me with stories of reenactments of SBA’s trial, offered to accompany me so that I could get in with my camera. A bust of SBA with the plaque–“JUSTICE DENIED HERE, June 1873–is outside the courtroom.  David took the photo of me. (Yes, that’s a painting of a reenactment above the bust.) I took the photos of the portrait of SBA on the courtroom wall, the courtroom, and the Ontario County Court House.  A popular local legend claims that the arm  of “Justice” fell to the ground on the day of sentencing.

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  1. Debbie Lyon says:

    Hi Penny – what a coincidence! I participated in the June 17 event in Canandaigua, my current hometown, marking the 144th anniversary of the trial! Dressed in black skirts, white blouses, “Votes for Women” sashes, and fancy hats, carrying protest placards, a group of about 50 of us walked the one block from the Ontario County Historical Society to the courthouse, chanting, “Votes for women!”, “Free Susan B. Anthony!”, “Women’s rights are human rights!”, etc. There was a nice ceremony with guests SBA herself, and Frederick Douglass. Nice ceremony. We also walked in the July 4th parade, passing out voter registration cards to anyone who has not yet registered to vote. “Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God!”

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