Too Old for a Babysitter

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Jig and Jag, who are eleven-year old twin sisters, are about to turn twelve-years old. Their brother Tag is about to turn eleven-years old. Their parents think they still need a babysitter. But they don’t! No matter how hard they try to convince their parents, everything backfires, until something unexpected happens. The action takes place during summer vacation. The kids go through five babysitters and a series of funny, foolish, and scary antics before an unexpected event changes everything into a special ending.

Praise for Too Old for a Babysitter

So interesting and funny.
I think this was a good, funny, surprising, and more book.
Third grade students at P.S. 174, New York, New York.

“Great book!”
by Mermaid

“The book is funny and interesting and it is really interesting. The cover is funny-looking and addicting. This is a great book!”
A reader