Whoa! Not that tiresome, glib overgeneralization again!

Whoa!!! It’s 2008 and I just read this tiresome, glib overgeneralization and unsubstantiated assertion in “Newsweek” (July 28, 2008, p 29)*: “although girls will read books about boys, boys won’t go near a girl’s book, no matter how cool she is.”

If a graduate student in my classes at Queens College wrote that in a paper, I’d write (in red ink, although I don’t typically use it!): WHAT’S YOUR EVIDENCE? CITE YOUR SOURCE!

And to anyone who says that that is “true” for his/her sons, grandsons, nephews, male students, I say–shame on you for accepting that attitude!

* “It’s Still Not Easy Being Green (“‘Anne of Green Gables’ turns 100 this year, but she’s the most modern girl in the bookstore.) by Ramin Setoodeh

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