Why I Write Women’s History

I write about why I’ve written a “pile of books” about women in a piece that’s posted at www.vfa.us. Scroll down until you see “Feminist Writer of the Month” and my picture. (You’ll also see me with my brothers in 1948!)  And, thank you to VFA, in particular Jacqui Ceballos for the honor and opportunity and to Jan Cleary for the great job she did posting the text and images!

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  1. Susan Nelson Vernon says:

    I’ve preordered your new book on Elizabeth C. and Susan B. and Adventurous Women to get started. My 65th birthday is May 9, so it will be a great birthday present. I can’t get enough info right now and just keep reading and reading your entries on your website, and I’m so happy you are happy. Thank you for sharing your life, ideas, and gifts so generously. 🙂 Susan

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