Women’s Equality Day

imagesAugust 26th!! It’s Women’s Equality Day, established by Congress to celebrate the day in 1920 when the the Nineteenth Amendment was certified, thus officially added to the U.S. Constitution. The long, hard struggle against enormous resistance was over; women had won the right to vote!!  “The vote is the emblem of your equality, women of America, the guaranty of your liberty . . . .,” declared Carrie Chapman Catt, a key leader, “PRIZE IT!”  To which I add: “USE IT!”


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  1. John Fraley says:

    Yes, Women’s Equality Day! In 1971 when congress declared this to be the day we celebrate Women’s Equality Day, Naomi Parker-Fraley turned 50, tomorrow she is 95, and boy, do we plain to celebrate that she is still with us. How fitting, she shares her birthday on this day.

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